1 on 1 Personal: price $100.00 per hour  
10 Sessions $850.00 Bring a friend or two, and split the price! The focus of personal training is to develop a repetitive state of mind for the athlete. Football players become comfortable playing their position a certain way. After years of performing a particular way, it becomes hard to change. During 1-on-1 sessions, the athlete is trained how to perform at their position the correct way. What get NFL Ready aims to develop and accomplish is breaking the old habits that leave a player in bad positions during the heat of battle through continuous repetition the correct way. Learning how to make the good habits a normal part of their game allows the players to be more dominate and in tune with the game while being able to recover easier once put in a bad position. A personal training session starts with the basic fundamentals at the player’s position. No matter how seasoned or experienced a player becomes, fundamentals are the focus of every training session. The bonus to get NFL Ready’s 1-on-1 session is learning from a professional who has also played their position. Just like going to the doctor. You want the most experienced person working on you. Get NFL Ready has years of experience and knows best at playing their positions. Learning from coaches and parents who have little to no professional experience can lead you to success, but being trained by an experienced NFL player who knows the importance of every aspect of a position will allow trainees to become dominate at their position at an early age. Personal training sessions are for the most dedicated football players who are aiming to be the best at their position. This is also a perfect opportunity for players who want to learn new positions or starting football for the first time.
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