HEALTHY EATING STARTS NOW Get NFL Ready Nutrition Shakes Fruits and vegetables are loaded with vitamins and nutrients, and fill you up without filling you out. A cup of rice or beans can yield 220 to 300 calories or more, while fruits and vegetables are typically only 35 to 85 calories.   Since kids don't always want to eat their fruits and vegetables, and often prefer junk food and fast food, Get NFL Ready is  introducing to you a shake that has those necessary vitamins and nutrients for your young ones. One scoop and one shake a day, as a meal replacement, perfect for breakfast before sending them off to school, will have a positive impact on their health.   NFL stars, Ray Lewis, Chris Campbell (with the Washington Redskins) and more, including Coach Vaughn are joining the challenge.  Also, great for adults who want to lose weight, athletes who want to build muscle, and nutrition for everyone, 4 years old and up!         
  ***Shakes taste like cake mix!  You can add peanut butter, fruit, even sugar-free pudding to the mix.  Kids love it!
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